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I have recently read about actress and mathematician Hedy Lamarr. You should too. Among her feats:

  • The invention of the frequency-hopping spread spectrum, a means of transmitting radio signals which is the basis of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.
  • Stealing a bunch of gold and diamond jewelry from her Nazi husband and and fleeing to Paris disguised as a French maid.
  • Being the first actress to appear fully nude and depict an orgasm in a movie.

We should all learn about Hedy Lamarr in school.

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The Boys

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Food Drives Go Two Ways

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"[director] david slade and i had long conversations about the kubrick-ian feel of this show. we are telling a story of a man who makes his living with his imagination who slowly loses his mind over the course of the season. we are telling a version of [the shining], except the guy is not an alcoholic.”

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↳  ”I wish I was home”, she said miserably. She tried so hard to be brave, to be fierce as a wolverine and all, but sometimes she felt she was a little girl after all. ~Arya Stark, A Clash of Kings~

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